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The IQ 20/20 Business Intelligence Platform

With tens of thousands of users, IQ 20/20 is one of the fastest growing B.I platforms in the Pharmaceutical & Biotech industry. The platform has matured over the last 11 years of real-world implementations. Unlike off-the-shelf Software, this platform is designed for Pharma and comes with easily customizable Dashboard templates to get you up and running very quickly. And since we own the technology you will never be stuck when there is a requirement that the tool doesn’t meet. IQ has grown organically through these customer requested enhancements. The content below is intended to provide a high level overview of the technology. For further details please contact us for a demo.
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An Open Data Engine

IQ’s underlying data engine accepts data in almost any format including Files, Spreadsheets, Databases, XML, Web Pages, Applications, even Emails. This eliminates the needs for clients to reprocess the data before giving it to us.
Data Integration, ETL

A highly flexible ETL language that can handle the most complex data merges, transformations and business rules. Designed to handle Billions of rows of data and scalable across servers.
Handling Big-Data

IQ stores data in highly optimized, compressed binary files. As a result, we do not suffer from the limitations of databases. This also gives us the ability to cluster data across a server farm, which makes it possible to handle Billions of Rows and yet have a great user-experience.
Periodic Data Updates

IQ’s flexible Workflow module lets you setup simple-to-complex Data Update cycles. It looks for source files within specified time windows, loads the data, does control-total checks, sends out alerts when issues are noticed, archive historic data etc.
Data Relationships

When data is loaded into IQ, all relationships between various dimensions and across data sources is inferred and stored for easy retrieval. This makes the Dashboards & Reports a lot more user-friendly, where the end-user cannot select invalid combinations while filtering data.
Data Customizations

Redefining and Customizing dimensions is easy with IQ, where end-users can Redefine and Regroup values in any dimension e.g. Products, Markets, Customers, Corporations.
Custom Market Definitions

IQ allows end users to define their own Markets based on a variety of simple to complex rules. Once created these definitions can be used across reports and shared across users. This can be done in the back end as well.
Uploading your data

Designated end users can upload data through spreadsheets and files, into IQ and instantly visualize this data across pre-existing Dashboards and Reports. As new weeks/months of data is loaded, these updates are preserved and can be propagated.
Factoring your data

Sometimes certain metrics need to be factored to represent the data accurately. End-users can specify these factors at any level and apply to them to see instant results. This can be done in the back end as well.
Custom Metrics, Formulas

Creating a custom metric using IQ’s Formula editor is easy. Through the use of intelli-sense we allow end-users to create their custom formulas which can be saved, applied across reports and even shared.
Securing Data by User

IQ has highly flexible ways to limit data by user and role; E.g. Each Rep sees their Territory and a District Average; Financial section in each Dashboard is limited to the Leadership and Finance Roles; Each Medical Director sees his/her KOLs; Etc.
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Pharma Dashboard Templates

A rich library of dashboard templates specific to various data sources and designed to answer key business questions in an elegant design with explorative drill-downs.

Customize and create your own interactive reports easily in a wide variety of graphical and tabular formats. No technical knowledge is required. You can Save and Share these reports with other users and roles.

Dashboards, Charts, Motion Charts, Tables, Pivot Tables, KPI Visuals, Icons, Maps (US & Global), Tree Maps, Word Clouds, HTML Views, Sliders, Insights boxes, Title and Commentary boxes, Data Entry screens and more…

We believe that IQ has the industry’s best data filtering capability. Filter data with ease, and watch how your data is related. Perform advanced metric filtering such as Growth rates, Share change, Product switches, Volume Ranges, Top and Bottom Ns, Top %, etc. Filters can be Saved, Shared and Reused.

Save unlimited custom groups, redefines, filters, customized dashboards and reports. Saving can be done in static or dynamic mode (updates with data)

Easily share your Dashboards, Reports, Market Definitions, Filters, Custom groups of data values. and Re-defines of data values. Sharing can be done with specific users or an entire role or the entire user-base.

IQ is known for its powerful MS Office integration capability. In 1-Click you can export your Dashboards and Reports to native PowerPoint and Excel decks and PDFs, along with your branding colors and formats.
Custom Formats

We know that customers like to see things a certain way. My Brand in Blue), Certain items sorted a specific way. A Metric always formatted a certain way. All of these are easy to setup once and use through out the portal.
Annotations, Insights

Designated Users can add insights to any report and make them available as part of the report and the exports as well.

Your logos, color schemes and other branding can be reproduced throughout the IQ portal including the Exports to PowerPoint, Excel and PDF.

A simple search bar allows you to find recent reports, search for reports by name and even search for reports by data columns.
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User-friendly but powerful ways to target customers, competitors, products etc, based on various templates such as Top/Bottom, Change, Volume, etc.

Create unlimited Segments or Cohorts based on a variety of rules. Share and track these segments over time. Reuse them across Dashboards.
Change Analyses

Change in any dimension over time periods e.g. Previous/Prior N, Rolling N, Prior Year N, MAT, YTD, QTD or custom time windows.
Top/Bottom Performers

Top N or Bottom N items on any dimension based on any metric with filtering options. Top N% and Bottom N% supported as well.

Target any dimension e.g. Prescribers on Volume ranges, Share ranges for specific products, with optional filtering on any other dimension.

Built in de-duping capability saves you from the pit-falls of double-counting numbers when they are not supposed to be.
Saving and Sharing

All of your analytics can be saved and reused either in static mode or dynamic mode. They can be shared with other users easily.
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Secure, role-based, Online access to Dashboards and Reports using most popular browsers. Single-Sign-On capability available.

SFDC customers can view IQ Dashboards within their Salesforce instance. Your Salesforce login determines the data you can see.

IQ Dashboards are designed to work on mobile devices in connected mode using their browser.
iPad/iPhone App

IQ’s iPhone/iPad app provides a disconnected, native app experience. Huge benefit for Field/mobile users with limited connectivity.
Email Delivery

IQ Dashboards can be delivered via email on an adhoc or scheduled basis. Formats include HTML, PDF, PowerPoint, Excel.
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Sharing Dashboards

Users can share Dashboards with others by selecting them, or by sharing it with all users. Only the creator can change a shared report.
Sharing Filters

Basic and Advanced filters can be saved for reuse and then shared with other users. A great way to push standard lookups across users.
Sharing Groups

Any custom groups and redefines that you make can be saved for reuse and shared with others, promoting consistency in viewing data.
Sharing Insights

Designated users can add their insights as formatted HTML on any Dashboard and when shared, the insights are viewed by recipients.
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Network Security

Our applications are hosted in multiple world-class SAS 70/SSAE16 compliant facilities that are fully redundant, SOC 3 audited and PCI Level 1 Compliant.
Application Security

Extensive layers of security including SSL, SSO, ADFS, XAML; Strict user-id and password rules; Single-Sign-On capability.
Data Security

Data is transferred through SFTP (SSH), through a secure encrypted SSH tunnel providing a highly secure tunnel; Multi-factor authentication.
Data Limitations

Flexible ways to limit data by user and role; E.g. Each Rep sees their Territory and a District Average; Confidential data is limited to certain users; etc.
Users & Roles

IQ has a security module to create and manage users, which roles/groups they belong to and assign Dashboards to these various Roles.

IQ security can integrate with your internal network to enable single-sign-on. This eliminates the need for yet another set of User IDs and Passwords.
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We host the solution in world-class, secure SAS 70 / SSAE16 compliant facilities with 100% uptime guarantee. All you have to do is access IQ!

We host the solution using top-of-the-line hardware and networking equipment to ensure blazing fast performance for high volume data. Solution includes all Software Licenses as well.
Data Updates

Workflow Module that automates the fetching of files, loading the data, verification process and client notification. Backed up by our Service teams.

Built-in Alerts and Notifications to designated users at all stages of the operations ensure that problems are identified early and resolved on time.

Regular backups (Differential and Snapshot) are maintained in encrypted form on multiple locations allowing for a speedy restore when needed.

Dedicated Implementation Manager throughout the engagement and post launch operations period leading a highly responsive support team.
Enhancement Tracking

Our online tracking tool helps clients log ideas, feature requests and enhancements, share them with others and prioritize them.
Usage Tracking

We have built-in tracking of usage at all levels of detail from login/logout date time, to which Dashboards where used, when, by whom.

Every engagement includes Service Level Agreement commitments from us on application up-time, data update time, issue resolution time, etc.