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About IQ 20/20

What we do
We help Pharmaceutical & Biotech companies derive the best insights from their data. We do it by bringing together data from various sources, into a central Portal that gives your users everything from Big-Picture Dashboards, to effortless deep-dive Diagnostics and complete Automation of your routine PowerPointDecks.

With over 400 implementations in the last 10 years, Tens of Thousands of users have come to rely on IQ daily for their dose of information and insights. IQ users come from all across the company including Commercial Analytics, Market Research, Marketing, Sales Operations, Corporate Accounts, Medical Affairs, Clinical Trials, Competitive Intelligence, Supply Chain and more. Click here for details.

IQ Pharma What We Do

Pharma & Biotech Experience

Pharma Data We have an in-depth understanding and experience working with most secondary data sources, primary research data and various internal data assets at our customer sites.

Pharma Business Questions With over 400 implementations, our team of analysts, designers and implementation managers have a deep understanding of the types of business questions you ask and the best ways of visualizing the answers, based on the underlying data.

Pharma Client-Base IQ is used by a variety of clients including Top 20 Pharma, Mid-Sized and Small Pharma & Biotech, as well as various Specialty Pharma companies. We work with both Brand and Generic Manufacturers.

IQ Pharma Experience

Pharma Focused Technology

Designed for Pharma Generic off-the-shelf tools require a lot of customization and multiple expensive iterations. Adapting these tools to solve your problems is an arduous task. IQ was designed from the ground up for Pharma and Bio-tech. Many concepts including Targeting, Segmentation, Reach & Frequency, Switch Analysis, Pull-Through, Prescriber Profiling, Securing Data by Geography, are baked right into the tool. And since the technology is owned by us, you will never be stuck when it comes to updates or new feature requests.

Pharma Dashboard Templates Leverage our rich set of Dashboard, Reporting and KPI templates for a wide variety of data sources and business needs. These are an excellent starting point for your implementation and give you a huge head start. Customizations are easy and done rapidly, ensuring a solution that is tailor-made for you, deployed quickly and cost-effectively.

IQ Pharma Technology

Reliable Pharma Operations

Turn-key Our solutions include everything from Hardware, Hosting, Software, Data Refreshes, Data Validation, Technical Support and Usage Tracking. This frees up our customers to focus on the important stuff.

Data Sourcing and Updates We accept data as-is, and in a variety of formats including Spreadsheets and PowerPoints. We take care of periodic data updates and ensure 100% accuracy of the deliverables to our users.

World Class facilities Our top-of-the-line hardware is hosted in highly secure, world-class facilities that are SAS70/SSAE16 compliant. A 99.9% uptime guarantee ensures a hassle-free solution that is always available and supported by a highly experienced team.

IQ Pharma Operations


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